Strengths and special features of CMB horizontal packaging machines

As specialists in the design and manufacture of machinery for industrial packaging, today we want to show you all the advantages of horizontal and cold packaging machines, putting the emphasis on our ERL and COOLPACK machines.

horizontal packaging machine

In both cases, we are dealing with machines designed to automate and optimize a packaging plant, making it faster, more productive and safer in equal parts.

Advantages of a horizontal packaging machine

First of all, it should be noted that the horizontal arrangement of these machines will allow you to pack more quickly and productively, since while one item advances through the packaging line, another can be placed on the initial table to start the process, being able to pack more than one product simultaneously.

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On the other hand, the horizontal packaging machines that we design is automatic, which implies less personnel, more security and higher quality in the final result, since errors are minimized to the maximum, being a profitable investment and, in the long run, necessary for any company that has its own production plant.

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We finish by highlighting its high degree of versatility, being able to pack products of different sizes, formats and measures in the same line.

CMB cold packaging systems

The ERL is a horizontal packaging machine designed for large-sized products, furniture, doors, windows … The truth is that there is a wide variety of articles that can be packed with this model, using stretch film and with high levels of efficiency, which reduce drastically the costs of the applied material.

ERL wrapping machine

As for the COOLPACK, we are talking about a model capable of combining the bubble with the stretch film, achieving a superlative degree of protection, never forgetting its great production capacity, the quality of the final result or its low energy consumption. It has also been designed to pack all kinds of furniture, door

COOLPACK wrapping machine

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horizontal packaging machine

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