Three different types of hot packaging: ERB, COMBO or ERS


hot packaging


CMB engineers have developed three different types of hot packaging: the ERB shrink wrapping machine, designed to offer good packaging quality at a very competitive cost; the COMBO system, ideal for packing products of different sizes within the same packaging line; or the overlapping shrink wrapping machine, designed to achieve high productions, reliable, with a high-quality finish in packaging and which does not require high maintenance.


ERB: the finishes of a product are the reflection of its quality

The strong point of this system is that it offers a very good visualization of the packaged product, thanks to the heat shrink film. At the same time, it will guarantee high production with very competitive and reasonable costs.


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The shrink wrapping machine is designed for a wide range of products from different industrial sectors: furniture, mattresses, all kinds of textile products, automotive accessories …

It offers the possibility of providing the final product with custom finishes, of different colors and with the logo of the company. A machine of great robustness and reliability, which does not require a big maintenance.


COMBO: it can beat them all, without interruptions

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The COMBO packaging systems offered by CMB are specially designed for the packaging of products of different sizes within the same line, continuously and with high performance, being one of the fastest continuous packaging facilities on the market. Its operation is simple: it detects the dimensions of the different products and selects the appropriate film reel in each case, thus avoiding that the amount of excess film is excessive and without downtime while changing the film width. This system achieves considerable consumable savings. On the other hand, thanks to its design, it allows future extensions and adaptations to larger packaging lines.


ERS: maximum visualization, production and exceptional finishes in the packaged product

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In this case, we are facing an automatic installation of hot packaging with heat shrink film, with lower overlap.

It is a more complex system, consisting of an entry table, a welding head and a set of metal blades with the film, an intermediate table and a retraction tunnel.

The shrink wrapping machine is a machine designed to obtain the best possible display and finish of the product, increasing its added value. On the other hand, it is ideal to achieve high productions, ergonomic, robust, reliable and does not need a very thorough maintenance.

For more information, you just have to contact CMB to study your case carefully, as well as your packaging needs, in order to offer you the best possible solution for your company.