The combination of bubble wrap and stretch film will provide the best possible protection with a reduced energy cost that will enable you to invest in more protective material, containing your final costs

Machine for wrapping furniture

The wrapping system from the Coolpack series is ideal for all types of furniture, home accessories, doors or windows. This type of products require a special protection and this system mixes bubble-type recyclable polyethylene film with recyclable polyethylene stretch film, obtaining a high degree of protection, whilst not requiring a large or powerful energy consumption, since the installation works cold and without a heat or shrink tunnel.

Apart from the protection, these two materials combined together provide a double insulation that makes it an even more effective wrapping method. Furthermore, it is important to point out that the bubble wrap achieves a cushioning effect thanks to its air capsules, while the stretch film takes care of the most effective holding effect that exists currently without damaging the product.

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Machine for wrapping furniture

The COOLPACK machine for wrapping furniture consists of an in-feed table for products, a welding head, an intermediate table, rotating crown with an optional integral transport system (Coolpack-TI) and an exit table.

We are looking at a wrapping process comprising two very different stages. In the first stage, a top layer and another lower layer of recyclable polyethylene bubble film or simply polyethylene film, depending on the level of protection required, is applied to the product to be wrapped with the top and bottom joined and closed, and the two sides open and with the wrapped product inside.  In the second stage, the product is wrapped using stretch film so it is closed, bound and perfectly protected.

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What benefits will the machine for wrapping furniture and this system provide to your industrial production chain?

Firstly, and as we mentioned at the beginning, the degree of protection of the wrapped products using this method is extremely high, along with an optimisation of energy consumption that make it highly profitable for manufacturing companies. We also want to emphasise the fact that, thanks to its ability to accept any type of packaging, in different sizes, this machine for wrapping furniture is tremendously effective and flexible within the production chains.

Finally, it is important to note that this type of machine is easy to handle and install and, thanks to the fact that it doesn’t require a heat energy source such as, for example, the shrink system that other types of industrial wrapping machines require, it makes the machine extremely beneficial in economic terms, talking about the relationship to the final costs of the products wrapped with them.

Ultimately, it is a necessary and profitable investment that will enable you to digitalise, optimise and automate your packaging plant in terms of energy efficiency, productivity, finish quality and work safety.

This will increase the value of your brand and the level of satisfaction and loyalty of your customers, given that the packaging is the first thing they see, when the end customers receive your products they perceive and recognise your company.

It is important to choose more eco-friendly materials and packaging systems that allow companies to be more efficient, safe and as respectful as possible to the environment.

We have automated wrapping systems to work both cold and with heat. Tell us your packaging requirements and our technicians will find the perfect machine to optimise your plant.

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Machine for wrapping furniture

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Nowadays we find ourselves immersed in the implementation of what is known as industry 4.0; it has come to stay, and results in a long list of advantages for companies and for the entire industry to be able to achieve the highest rates of efficiency possible in our companies. Our machinery enables you to automate all types of packaging processes through the most advanced collaborative robotics, multisectoral engineering and new technologies. We have a long history and extensive experience of more than thirty years in designing this type of machinery, with installations all over the world.

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We have a high degree of specialisation within the sector of wood and packaging of medium and large sized furniture.

In essence, automating your packaging processes will produce more, obtain higher profitability without as many operational and staffing costs, and in much less time. You will scrupulously meet delivery times, being able to better plan and coordinate the entire packaging line. In the short term, you will experience a substantial increase, both in competitiveness and profitability, of your line and business

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In any case, we know that investing in this type of latest generation wrapping machine is something that has to be considered carefully if you don’t fully understand its benefits.

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