cool packaging

Cool packaging are those techniques and packaging processes that do not need any extra supply of heat source for contraction and adaptability to the product we intend to pack.

The most used material in these cool packaging techniques is the recyclable and ecological polyethylene film. This material allows to tie, pack and protect objects in an easy and practical way without using expensive sources of energy as the calorific ones.

The cool packaging provides security and support for the product to reach the destination in perfect conditions and maintaining the quality of the product from the beginning to the end of any process.

In CMB we have three different machines that use different cool packing systems:

  • ERL. These is our Rotating Packaging Machine. It mainly uses the recyclable and ecological polyethylene film to pack products of different dimensions and shapes. From cabinets or doors to tubes. The stretch film system adapts to all possible shapes and objects. This type of packaging is much cheaper because it does not require an adaptation of the reel for the packaging process nor any contribution of heat, as it does in the shrink wrap system.

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  • COOLPACK. This packaging machine uses a system with two different materials. One is the stretch film, also used in the ERL machine. And in addition to this process, the film material called bubble is added and, at present and thanks to the work done for the continuous optimization of our products, also kraft paper can be added. This material adds a plus of protection to the objects that have to be packed. The combination of the stretch film with the bubble material or kraft paper increases the protection of the packaging and, at the same time, doesn’t require an extra level of energy in this process.

It is important to remember that both types of film, both the stretch film and the bubble film, are made of recyclable and ecological polyethylene.

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  • SUPER P. This packaging machine has a system that allows you to pack any object with other types of material such as cardboard in rolls or sheets. The name SUPER P refers to Super Protection, a name that summarizes the function of this machine. Its system allows to overlap layers of different materials, depending on the product. This overlay of materials allows the object to be superprotected.

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In CMB we inform you of all the packaging processes that we have in our company and we advise you, personally, of which method and machine to use depending on the product or products you wish to pack.

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