Maquinaria con calor

Hot packaging is distinguished from cool packaging by the techniques used during the packaging process and by the different types of material used because, although it is always recyclable polyethylene, the reactions of this type of material, depending on whether heat or stretching is applied by mechanical traction, it has totally different behaviors with which one or other types of finishes are obtained in the packaged products. The heat incorporated in the packaging process allows the recyclable polyethylene film material to contract and stick to the product being wrapped. In this way, it is better fastened, offers greater protection of the product and a better aesthetic finish of the package also allowing to see what is inside.

In CMB we have three different hot packaging machines that allow us to adapt to the needs of our customers and their products. The three machines allow packaging systems for a multitude of products of different sizes.

The hot packaging machines that we have at CMB are:

  • Shrink Packing Machine (ERB). The material known as polyethylene thermo-shrink film is used, which is the film that works with heat. This allows the product to be isolated from external factors such as dust, for example. Production with this machine is high and the market cost is competitive, which allows to achieve a high level of productivity.

Maquinaria de embalaje con calor


  • COMBO. This machine and packaging system is designed to be able to make the packaging process of several different products. It is a packaging machine with a continuous system. The machine itself detects the product size and makes the corresponding reel change so that the packaging is perfectly adapted to the product. Excesses in film are avoided, reducing excess material costs and making production faster. Actually, this model is currently one of the fastest and most productive in the market.


Combo maquinaria para embalar


  • The ERS machine, or also known as Shrink wrapping overlap machine. This machine uses a state-of-the-art process for packaging products and materials. The ERS leaves a high quality finish for product packaging with certain characteristics in terms of morphology and dimensions. It is ideal for flat and regular shapes as well as large pieces.

Embalaje con calor ERS


In CMB we inform you of all the packaging processes that we have in our company and we advise you, personally, of which method and machine to use depending on the product or products you wish to pack.


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