CMB Barberan


CMB was founded in 1986
Our aim is to design and manufacture packaging machinery

We define ourselves as a mature company with a high innovation vocation and also with a resolute will to improve without forgetting our exporting mentality. CMB dedicates great part of the commercial effort to increase the foreign market share by assisting to the main events and International Trade Fairs of the sector.

Maquinaria de embalaje


Maquinaria de embalaje


Maquinaria de embalaje


Maquinaria de embalaje


Maquinaria de embalaje


Maquinaria de embalaje



Our current premises were inaugurated in January 2001 in Castelldefels. They are easy to reach and are located in an industrial estate close to some our highly qualified suppliers. There you can find:

  • The Commercial Department
  • The Technical Office
  • The Administration Department
  • Almacén de materias primas
  • The Warehouse
  • The Factory
  • Manufacturing section
  • Paint section
  • Assembly section


CMB is situated in Castelldefels; a coastal town situated just a few Km to the south of Barcelona.


We are the national leaders in the wood and furniture industry. We also have a significant presence in the European market. Furthermore, we are increasing our presence in the aluminium sector.


Our packaging machinery is susceptible for use in all sectors even though we are specialised in the wood and furniture industries.


Our machines use a great variety of plastics to wrap products. This can be complementary or even an alternative to the use of cardboard. Thus, the cost of wrapping is reduced according to three factors: The cost of the film, reduction in labour costs, & the reduction in storage space needed.


Our machines use recyclable plastic.