CMB Barberan


CMB specialists in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery

CMB was founded in 1986. Currently, we could define it as a mature company, which has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of packaging machinery, with a strong commitment to innovation and the development of new technologies and the use of new materials. Thanks to this, it has a catalog of state-of-the-art packaging equipment and systems, specially designed to optimize an industrial production line. Moreover, it is important to highlight that CMB dedicates a large part of its commercial effort to expanding its market share abroad, seeking to increase its exports year after year, increasing the value of its brand throughout the world, through all kinds of advertising campaigns, business trips, as well as visits and exhibitions at international fairs.

CMB Barberan


CMB Barberan


CMB Barberan


CMB Barberan


CMB Barberan


CMB Barberan



The CMB facilities are made up of an industrial unit located in Castelldefels. There we can find:

  • Commercial departments
  • Technical office
  • Administration
  • Raw materials warehouse
  • Electrical workshop
  • Machining section
  • Painting section
  • Final machinery assembly workshop
  • Welding, cutting and bending section


The industrial unit where the CMB facilities are located is in the town of Castelldefels, a coastal municipality in the south of Barcelona.


Currently CMB is a national and international benchmark in the manufacture and design of packaging machinery, with special attention to the wood and furniture sector; and also with a strong presence within the aluminum sector.


At CMB they are true specialists in wood and furniture. However, its packaging machinery is likely to focus on any sector, except food (for the moment).


CMB equipment is a real alternative to the use of cardboard in modern industry, with the advantage that, with its equipment, you will save personnel thanks to the fact that the product handling process is considerably reduced, as well as the need and the space where to store the cardboard.


The plastic used by CMB’s packaging machines is made of fully recyclable polyethylene. All its equipment follows the highest standards of environmental quality and sustainability. In the society in which we live that, without a doubt, is a differential factor and one of its great brand values.


CMB Barberan