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ERL · Rotating Packaging Machine
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ERL Rotating Packaging Machine

Stretch film applications provide low cost wrapping.
The ERL packaging machines have the advantage of being able to handle an enormous variety of products which are suitable for wrapping in elastic film, such as large and small items of furniture, DIY furniture kits, doors, windows, piles of planks and boards, textiles, polystyrene, blinds, tubes, etc…

The elastic film makes it possible to wrap packages in piles, with increased holding power. The packing process is much more economical than for shrink-wrapping, due to lower energy consumption and the fact that the spool need not adapt to the size of the product to be wrapped.



Automatic wrapping machine for operating with stretch film. The ERL Line consists of an infeed table, rotating ring station (ERL) and outfeed table. Item to be wrapped is centred on the infeed conveyor belt then wrapping process begins automatically.

Item runs through the rotating ring and is completely wrapped spirally by the film installed with a slight opening at back and front edges.

Piled products can be wrapped tighter. This type of wrapping is more cost-effective than shrink film because there is much less power electrical consumption, and it is not necessary to adapt reel size to product.

Rotating Packaging Machine

  • The low cost of consumables and maintenance make these packaging machines suitable for every industrial sector.
  • The packing system allows for continuous operation with packages of varying sizes.
  • Failsafe installation and ease of use cut down on long periods of adaptation and training for the worker.

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Rotating Packaging Machine

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