At CMB we work with different solutions and packaging materials, always depending on your needs

We have been designing and manufacturing machinery and packaging materials for more than thirty years. We work both cool and hot packaging, and we are specialized in packaging medium and large products in both the wood and aluminum sectors, in addition to many others. Our equipment is capable of focusing on any sector except, for the moment, that of food.

We have always bet strongly on innovation and the development of the most advanced solutions, trying to improve our machinery and packaging materials day after day, with the aim of optimizing the production lines of each of our clients, also helping them to make the process more profitable.

In this section you will see that our machinery is able to work with different packaging materials, such as bubble polyethylene film or stretch film, or they can even be combined, offering the maximum degree of protection for your products.

If you have questions or need detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can study the needs of your production line, until you find the optimal and most suitable packaging solution. Keep reading!


Polyethylene bubble film and stretch film

Wrapping systems combining bubble and stretch film to obtain high level protection and low power costs. Packaging systems that combine the bubble film with the stretch film, thereby obtaining high protection along with low energy consumption

Packaging materials

Polyethylene stretch film

The stretch film wrapper machines allow the packaging process to be carried out with a very low cost of the applied material. You can stack products and you will obtain a high degree of fastening. The packaging process is much more economical than the retractable one, since the energy consumption is lower, and you do not need to adapt the size of the reel to the product to be packed.

Packaging materials

Materials combination

Great protection of the product thanks to the possibility of combining any type of material, without limits …
It offers the possibility of combining superimposed layers of a great variety of packaging materials, achieving an unbeatable degree of protection and full guarantees.

Packaging materials


Shrink Polyethylene Film

The packaging with shrink film allows a good visualization of the products and, at the same time, a high production, at a very competitive cost.

Packaging materials

Shrink Polyethylene Film for Bottom Overlap Welding

Packaging with shrink film with bottom overlap welding is ideal for large runs of products in the same format that require a suitable aesthetic presence. It allows to obtain high quality finishes and high productions at very competitive prices.

Packaging materials
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