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Unlimited Super Protection

Cold Packaging Super P

Perfect item protection thanks to the possibility of combining any type of material, unlimited…


This optional unit substantially increases CMB's wrapper performances as it offers the possibility to combine layers of multiple wrapping materials, up to now unthinkable.

The end result is an exceptionally protected item. The system has two types of wrapping: we can completely wrap the item whenever required, or just the top surface (here front and back edges are also covered). In the second case, substantial savings are obtained in the quantity of wrapping material used. Machine operation is simple but effective.

The item will reach the unit with the protective material placed in the same direction as for finishing, whether it is wrapped in stretch film by means of a rotating crown or bagged prior to shrinking in heat tunnel, depending on whatever wrapping system the SUPER P will be attached to.

Cold Packaging Machine Super P (2)

  • Thanks to its modular design, it can be added to any of our machine models. ·Unlimited protection obtained from a wide range of materials.
  • Unlimited protection obtained from a wide range of materials.
  • The only effective way to minimize rejects.
  • As this system allows you to choose a combination of wrapping materials, the ones which best suit your needs can be used whenever and in keeping with the type of handling items have to undergo.

Cold Packaging Machine Super P (2)

Super P Packaging Machine

Super P Wrapping Machine

Cold Packaging Machine Super P (2)

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