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CMB: state-of-the-art packaging machinery with advanced features

CMB manufactures and supplies modern and advanced packaging machinery.  It has a range and capacity to design and adapt its systems to suit the specific needs of its clients’ industrial lines. CMB can provide you with the best option according to the material and systems you use. 

Quality industrial packaging machinery is crucial in the distribution process. Packaging materials prevent damage to products to ensure they reach the end client in perfect condition. Choosing a reliable packaging machinery manufacturer is a fundamental investment for any company that needs to pack its products industrially.

CMB has two lines of packaging machinery:

Cold packaging

Maquinaria de embalaje elastic film

Horitzontal stretch film wrapping machine.

embaladora en frio coolpack maquinaria packaging

Cold packer combining bubble film and stretch film.

Super Protección maquinaria packaging

Super protection with the application of corrugated cardboard sheets.

Hot packaging

maquinaria packaging embaladora Retráctil

Shrink wrapping machine

Embaladora con Calor maquinas de packaging

Shrink wrapping machine with automatic film width selection system.

Retráctil de Soplado maquinaria packaging

Shrink-wrapper with bottom overlap sealer for high quality finishes

At CMB, we specialise in the design, manufacture and sale of automatic installations and machinery to package products of medium and large dimensions. We have vast experience and expertise in sectors such as packaging wood (timber) and furniture; however, we have extended into sectors such as aluminium, PVC and many others. At present, 90% of the packaging machinery we produce is exported.  Our packaging machinery can be found at the four corners of the globe, even in the most remote of regions. Our main markets are currently Europe, the USA, Canada, Russia, and North Africa.  Wherever you are, we can deliver.  

We constantly update and innovate our packaging machinery to incorporate the latest technology to stay abreast with modern production processes. Thanks to this, our range of machinery has gained a solid reputation within the sector as being reliable and state-of-the art. 

Our clients know that reliable, efficient and modern packaging machinery is a crucial part of the production process. Expert and professional packaging adds value and quality to a brand. Packaging is the first thing customers see when they receive or buy a product, and it must be top quality. It is the first impression they have of your product, and we all know the importance of first impressions.

Features of our packaging machinery

CMB is a sustainable packaging machinery manufacturer. The materials and plastics we use can be recycled. They are manufactured in accordance with the highest environmental and quality standards. Likewise, our equipment is also a serious alternative for any company that wants to reduce the use of cardboard, a factor that, on the one hand, reduces the cost of the entire process, and on the other hand, contributes directly to the fight against abusive logging of trees around the planet. 

If you need more detailed information or want us to advise you directly, please contact our sales team. We know that choosing the right packaging machinery may not be an easy task, so part of our job is to help you make the best decision and advise you throughout the purchasing process. What exactly do you need?

packaging machinery

By investing in industrial packaging machinery with us at CMB, companies save greatly on labour costs, as our technology reduces manual handling during the packaging process. Another added bonus is a reduction in cardboard storage.

CMB has gained a solid reputation as a reliable packaging machinery manufacturer within the industrial packaging sector, and has accumulated extensive experience in the wood and aluminium trade. Whatever you need to package, our experience and expertise are your guarantee.

What packaging machinery after-sales service does CMB offer you?2023-04-06T11:28:35+00:00

At CMB, we not only help our clients to make the best decision during the purchase process through 100% personalized advice, after studying their industry and understanding their needs. We also provide the best after-sales service, to accompany customers to take the first steps with our packers.

One of the strengths of our machines is that they can be started up and start operating with the greatest efficiency, without the need for a long adaptation period. Thanks to our after-sales service, at CMB we can accompany our customers during this initial stage, in which doubts may arise and there is usually a need for accompaniment.

Does CMB manufacture bespoke packaging machinery?2023-04-06T11:28:40+00:00

One of the great advantages of CMB machines is that they have the highest degree of customization. This allows them to adapt better than any other to the needs and particularities of each industry.

All our machines consist of 70% standardized and 30% customized. In this way, no two are the same, since we take care of adjusting the design of the machine to the needs of the end customer.

Among the issues that we can adjust are, for example, the height of the machine, or the loading system of the products. The objective is that the machine can adapt and make more efficient the production process of the industry to which it is incorporated.

What kind of packaging machinery will you find at CMB?2023-02-09T12:14:23+00:00

At CMB, we design and manufacture state-of-the-art industrial packaging machines, with the most innovative technology. Thanks to the variety of models we produce, we can adjust to the requirements of factories in different sectors.

On our website, you can find all the details of our machines for industrial cold and hot packaging. In turn, we have three different models of each of them.

At CMB, we manufacture three models of cold packaging machinery:

  • ERL: this is an enveloping rotary baler that uses stretch film.
  • COOLPACK: is a cold packer that combines bubble film and stretch film.
  • SUPER P: This cold machine offers the highest level of protection, with application of corrugated cardboard sheets, in addition to stretchable polyethylene film and bubble film.

On the other hand, the heat packaging machinery that we design at CMB are also of three types:

  • ERB: is a baler that uses heat shrink film.
  • COMBO: this baler uses shrink film and has an automatic system for choosing the film width, depending on the size of the product.
  • ERS: this baler uses shrink film and bottom weld by overlapping, to achieve high-quality finishes and ensure maximum protection of the product.
What are the benefits of having packaging machinery for a company?2023-02-09T12:13:56+00:00

Having industrial packaging machinery is an investment that any company that wants to pack its products should make. Whether they are large or medium-sized products and various materials, there are ideal machines to cover different types of industrial requirements.

One of the biggest benefits that the fact of having packaging machinery brings to a company is to be able to carry out the packaging process in the factory itself. This not only contributes to making the production process profitable, but also prevents damage to the product and maintains quality from the beginning of the distribution process, until the final delivery of the product to the customer. Keep in mind that packaging is the first thing customers will see when they receive your products, so it must be of the highest quality.

On the other hand, one of the great advantages of our machines is that we can customize 30% of them so that they can adjust, in the best possible way, to the requirements of your industry. 

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