We have an extensive experience in the development of wood packaging material

In CMB we are true specialists in the design, manufacture and sale of automatic installations and machinery for wood packaging material.

We design specific equipment to optimize production lines that work with all types of parcels, with special attention to furniture and pieces of medium and large dimensions. We have systems that work both cool and heat, being able to work for different sizes or wood packaging materials simultaneously. Below, we’ll show you an example of each so you can see everything our machinery can do to improve your industrial packaging line.

COOLPACK stretch and bubble wrapping machine: the combination of materials provides us with the best protection

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If we have to highlight a cold packaging system for furniture, it is our obligation to show you the COOLPACK wrapping machine, designed to offer maximum protection by combining two plastic materials of polyethylene film, always recyclable: bubble and stretch film.

They offer the packaged product double insulation as well as great protection thanks to the combination of the damping effect of the bubble and the holding of the stretch film.

Regarding its distribution, COOLPACK installations are made up of an entrance table, a welding head, an intermediate table, a rotating crown with the integral transport system (COOLPACK-TI) and an exit table. The operation is very simple, the product is deposited centered on the input conveyor table and the packaging process starts automatically.

We are dealing with an easy-to-use system, with equipment that is characterized by not requiring large maintenance tasks, and which will offer you the possibility of increasing your production, while reducing costs and working much more efficiently, saving the maximum in electrical energy consumption.

Shrink wrapping machine with heat: suitable for packing all kinds of furniture and wood packaging material

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This is a packaging machine designed to achieve high production rates, with excellent quality in the final result, along with a very competitive cost. The film, when in contact with heat, contracts and exerts a wrapping effect on the product, protecting it and isolating it completely from dust, water and other external aggressions.

It is a machine of great robustness and efficiency, which only stops the product to be packed once during the entire process to weld the film, and which allows the packaging to be finished with personalized finishes, using plastics with specific characteristics, in different colors or even with the printed brand logo.

On the other hand, ERB facilities are made up of two packaging modules: the EB welding head and the RB retraction tunnel.

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