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SUPER P · Super Protection

Unlimited Super Protection

Orbital stretch wrapper

A system designed to offer high productivity and the best quality in packaging through advanced technology industrial machinery. We are talking about an optional module with which the performance of CMB orbital stretch wrappers is significantly increased, since it offers the possibility of combining in superimposed layers a multitude of packaging materials, hitherto unthinkable. The result obtained will enjoy exceptional protection.

The system allows two types of packaging; we can totally wrap the product for those cases in which the package obtained must be closed, or we can only treat the upper face (the front and rear parts are also protected).

In this second case, we obtain a significant saving in the quantity of packaging material used. The operation of the system is simple but effective. The product will arrive with the protective material arranged in the position in which it will be finished, either by wrapping it with our orbital stretch wrapper or by bagging it with a shrink tunnel, depending on the packaging machine model in the one using the SUPER P module.

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What is the packaging process of the Super P?2023-07-04T08:35:55+00:00

The Super P is a module that can be incorporated into any of CMB’s packaging machines in order to achieve an extra layer of protection. It is remarkable for the super protection it offers because it can work with different packaging materials depending on your needs.

The Super P offers two possible types of packaging. In the first case, it allows the product to be fully wrapped, including the top and bottom parts. In the second case, only the top of the package can be wrapped. In both processes, the amount of packaging material waste generated is greatly reduced. 

In the Super P module, this extra layer of protection is added and then finished by wrapping with stretch film by means of a rotating crown or shrink tunnel.

What materials does the Super P pack with?2023-07-04T08:35:43+00:00

The extra layer of protection that Super P offers for your products can be made from the packaging material that best suits your needs. From stretch polyethylene to bubble polyethylene, kraft paper, cardboard in rolls or foamed polyethylene. All materials used in CMB packaging machines and, by extension, Super P, are fully recyclable and reusable. In addition, CMB’s packaging machinery is designed to reduce material waste to a minimum.

How does the Super P differ from the ERL and COOLPACK?2023-07-04T08:35:23+00:00

The main difference between the ERL, COOLPACK and Super P is that the first two are cold packaging machines, while the third one is a module that can be added to the other two in order to obtain an extra layer of protection. 

Another difference is that the ERL uses stretch polyethylene film to protect its products, whereas the COOLPACK combines stretch film with bubble polyethylene film. As for the Super P, you can add an extra layer of protection of any material. The flexibility offered by this module is one of its main attributes.

In which cases is it recommended to pack with Super P?2023-07-04T08:35:12+00:00

CMB recommends the use of the Super P in those cases where an extra layer of protection is required or where the protection offered by the other packaging machines is not sufficient. If the 2 layers of protection of the COOLPACK cold packer are not enough, you can add the Super P module and get an extra layer of protection. The same applies if you need more protection than just a layer of stretch film or shrink film: the Super P can be attached to any of our machines.

Orbital stretch wrapper
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