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Simply, an efficient wrapping machine

 Horizontal wrapping machine

This horizontal wrapping machine has the advantage of having a very wide range of products potentially susceptible of being packed with stretch film, in addition to a low cost of the applied material. We are facing an industrial packaging equipment for large products, furniture of all sizes, kit furniture, doors, windows, stacked plates, textiles, polystyrene, profiles, moldings, blinds, tubes …

The stretch film allows the wrapping of stacked products, with a greater guarantee of fastening. The wrapping process is much more economical than the retractable one, since the energy consumption is lower and you do not need to adapt the size of the reel to the product to be packed. A horizontal wrapping machine designed to increase productivity and reduce costs in equal parts, which works with recyclable film and guarantees quality packaging for any company or industrial plant.

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 Horizontal wrapping machine
How does the ERL differ from CMB’s other cold packaging systems?2023-04-11T09:15:52+00:00

The rotary wrap-around packer was the first cold packaging machine we designed and manufactured at CMB. Unlike the COOLPACK and the SUPER P, we could say that the ERL is the simplest option since it only allows packing with one layer of stretch film.

The Coolpack, on the other hand, adds an extra layer of protection, since it protects the product or package of products with a layer of protective film, such as bubble film, before the stretch film.

As for the SUPER P, its name itself refers to the extra layer of protection it offers, since it can offer a third layer of protection in addition to the bubble film and stretch film. This third layer can be made of cardboard, kraft paper or mouse film.

What type of film does the CMB rotary wrap-around packer use?2023-04-11T09:16:00+00:00

The rotary wrap around packer uses stretch film, also known as stretch film or palletizing film, is a transparent and elastic plastic material used to wrap and protect products and goods during transportation and storage.

Stretch film is commonly used in the logistics and transportation industry to ensure the stability of palletized loads, preventing them from shifting or being damaged during transport.

Stretch film is applied by a machine called a stretch wrapper or stretch wrapper, which stretches the film and wraps it around the load, creating a protective layer that fits tightly around the load. The result is a load that is stable, protected and easily handled during transport and storage.

¿Cuándo se recomienda utilizar la embaladora rotativa envolvente?2023-04-11T09:19:20+00:00

La embaladora rotativa envolvente tiene una serie de características que la convierten en una magnífica opción para embalar paquetes de formas regulares apilados con una buena garantía de sujeción. Se recomienda su uso en aquellos casos en los que se necesite embalar de forma contínua independientemente del tamaño del producto. Se utiliza en casos en los que las formas de los paquetes son regulares y se corresponden con formas más o menos simétricas.

Las embaladoras ERL tienen la ventaja de tener un amplísimo abanico de productos potencialmente susceptibles de poder ser embalados con film estirable, como por ejemplo: Muebles grandes dimensiones, muebles pequeñas dimensiones, mueble kit, puertas, ventanas, planchas apiladas, textil, poliestireno, persianas, tubos, etc.

What packaging system does the rotary wrap-around packer use?2023-04-11T09:16:17+00:00

CMB’s rotary wrap around packer is a machine that is included in cold packaging systems. This means that it wraps the products with a stretch film that adheres to the surface of the products becoming a skin layer that protects them from the environment and keeps the pieces or products that make up the pack together and still.

In the case of cold packaging systems, it is not necessary to apply heat to the stretch film, which makes them energy-saving systems without sacrificing quality packaging. In addition, in the case of the rotary wraparound packer, it is not necessary to adapt the size of the reel to the product to be packaged.

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