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Shrink wrap packaging machine

As industrial packaging machines manufacturers we are pleased to introduce you the COMBO series. This shrink wrap packaging machine is ideal in cases where it is necessary that products of different sizes are packed on the same packaging line and with the minimum number of stops in order to accelerate the process.

To avoid that the amount of surplus film is excessive, and to optimize its use, this shrink wrap packaging machine detects the dimensions of the product and selects the appropriate film reel for each one.

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Shrink wrap packaging machine
What are the stages of the COMBO packaging process?2023-07-13T06:53:47+00:00

The COMBO is a heated packaging machine that is composed of different modules, each of which has a different sized polyethylene shrink film reel. When a package is placed on the conveyor belt or conveyor table, the machine automatically detects its size and directs it to the module with the most suitable film reel for its dimensions. The product is wrapped with the shrink film and directed to the shrink tunnel, where heat is applied and we obtain a completely packaged product protected from external agents. Immediately afterwards, a package with other dimensions can start this process without having to stop the machine to change the film reel.

Is surplus film generated by packaging with this machine?2023-07-13T06:53:50+00:00

No. This is precisely one of the strengths of the COMBO: it allows to pack products of different sizes in a convenient, agile and fast way without generating a huge amount of film waste. The COMBO is capable of automatically detecting the size of the package or product to be packaged and manages it from the part of the machine that has a reel of shrink film of a size more similar to that of the package. This keeps the amount of film waste to a minimum.

What types of film does COMBO use?2023-07-13T06:53:56+00:00

CMB’s COMBO packaging machine works with heat shrink film. It is a 100% recyclable polyethylene film whose main feature is that it shrinks when heat is applied to it. This shrinkage allows it to acquire the shape of the package or product it covers, thus achieving an efficient layer of protection, as if it were a skin or film.

Under what circumstances is it advisable to pack with COMBO?2023-07-13T06:54:00+00:00

If in your company you need to pack products of different sizes and you want to do it with a certain agility, without having to change the film reel depending on the size of the package, the heat wrapping machine you need is the COMBO. This machine is precisely designed for these circumstances: to pack products of different sizes without having to change rolls and, at the same time, without having to dispose of large quantities of film.

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