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Shrink wrapper

This shrink wrapper is made up of two packaging modules: EB (welding head) and RB (shrink tunnel).

It has been designed to optimize industrial packaging with shrink film. It allows a good visualization of the final product and, at the same time, a high production, together with a very competitive cost.

With this type of facility, a very wide variety of products can be protected: furniture of all kinds, woods, mattresses, textiles, profiles and fences, automotive accessories …

Our shrink wrapper ERB works as follows: the product is placed on the centre of the input conveyor table, starting the packaging process automatically or activated by the pedal. Next, the product to be packed passes through the curtain of film sheets that are welded together at their ends, and the welding bar descends until the top film sheet is welded to the bottom, leaving the package closed by the front and rear ends, but open at the sides. It is when entering the tunnel of the shink wrapper that the film contracts, adjusting to the product and leaving it fully packaged and ready for handling.

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CMB Barberan


Shrink wrapper
How does ERB differ from COMBO and ERS?2023-07-12T07:16:19+00:00

The most different of the three machines is the COMBO, which has been conceived and designed to be able to heat pack products of different sizes without having to change the film reels. The COMBO is perfect for companies that need to pack different product sizes in an agile way, as the same machine detects the size of the package and manages it accordingly.

The ERS and the ERB both operate with a heat packaging system but are designed to meet different needs. While the ERS is ideal for packing packages of the same size that need to be fully visualized, such as moldings or wooden profiles, in a very fast way; the ERB or Barberán Shrink Wrapper can pack products of different sizes and shapes without any problem, offering high quality finishes.

What kind of products can be efficiently packaged with ERB?2023-07-12T07:21:47+00:00

The Barberán ERB or shrink wrapper is ideal for packing objects that have irregular or uneven shapes. It is also a very good option for those cases in which a very tight packaging is required that allows to see perfectly the object that awaits inside. The end result of the ERB is a beautifully finished package that reflects the quality of the product.

The Barberán ERB shrink-wrapper can be used to pack all types of medium and large furniture, wood, mattresses, products for the textile industry and accessories for the automotive sector, among many other things.

What is the ERB packaging process?2023-07-12T07:22:17+00:00

The packaging process of the ERB is very simple and, at the same time, guarantees an optimal result. First, the product to be packed is placed on the conveyor table. This product is then covered with a heat-shrinkable film sheet with welded ends. The sealing head is then lowered and joins the top and bottom of the film. The package then passes through the shrink tunnel where the film shrinks to its shape and volume.

When the package leaves the Barberán ERB shrink wrapper, it is ready to be handled without fear of damaging the wrapping or being affected by external agents such as dirt, dust or water. In addition, the product inside the packaging can be clearly seen at all times, since the stretch film used allows this.

What type of film does the ERB use?2023-07-12T07:22:02+00:00

The Barberán ERB shrink wrapper is a heat shrink packaging machine that uses heat-shrinkable polyethylene film. This film is 100% recyclable and reusable, which makes it a sustainable packaging solution. Moreover, as it is heat-shrinkable, it allows to avoid as much as possible the waste generated by film surpluses.

It is a type of film that shrinks when heat is applied to it, allowing it to adapt very precisely and easily to the product to be packaged. In the case of ERB, the film adheres to the surface of the product as it passes through the shrink tunnel.

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