The most advanced industrial machinery for furniture packaging  

At CMB, we offer you the industrial packaging machinery you need to automate and digitize your plant with the most advanced technology. We also offer you all our packaging solutions so that you can automate the process and benefit from its advantages.

Our company specializes in the development of packaging machinery for medium and large wood products. Our processes will be adapted to your needs and those of your product to automate the packaging process in every respect.

cómo embalar productos industriales

On the other hand, we advise our customers on the most optimal materials to use for their product packaging processes depending on each project, as well as one of our range of machinery to apply them and that will guarantee the best possible result under any circumstances.

Automation, profitability, and efficiency are words that define our industrial packaging machinery  

cómo embalar productos industriales

At CMB, we distinguish ourselves by exporting our machinery and installing it all over the world with many years of experience behind us.

We have packaging systems that incorporate the latest advances and innovations in the sector, from our packaging machinery to the production methods, including the possibility of using the best materials on the market, all of which will allow you to optimize the packaging process of your products and automate it according to your needs.

How to pack products according to sector: we offer you alternatives

We work with both cold and hot packaging. We specialize in medium and large-sized parts in the wood, furniture, aluminium, and PVC sectors. Furthermore, we aim to optimize and perfect your company’s packaging lines to make the whole process as profitable as possible. The aim is to work more and better in less time, thus reducing costs and increasing margins.

Our machinery is capable of using different packaging materials, such as bubble film or stretch film, both made of fully recyclable and environmentally friendly polyethylene. If you wish, you can combine them to obtain the maximum degree of protection.

How to package industrial products: materials used, advantages and benefits 

As mentioned above, you will find two different methods of industrial packaging; cold or heated packaging solutions. About cold packaging, we have polyethylene bubble film and stretch film, which allow the packaging process to be carried out with a very low cost of the material applied.

You will be able to work with stacked packages, with a high degree of fastening. The packaging process is much more economical than shrink wrapping because energy consumption is lower as a heat tunnel is not necessary, and it is not necessary to adapt the size of the reel to the product to be packaged.

As far as heat packaging is concerned, you will find the shrink film packaging system. This allows a good display of your products at a low cost and with a high aesthetic finish.

In addition, we also have the heat shrink film packaging system with overlap bottom sealing. This material is ideal for large runs of products in the same format. It allows you to obtain high-quality finishes and large productions at a very affordable price.

cómo embalar productos industriales

Depending on the product to be packaged and protected or the specific needs of your industrial line, we will advise you on a specific packaging system and machinery. It is a safe and necessary investment for any company that needs to pack its industrial products, with large productions and product formats of different sizes.

It is important to make it clear that having advanced, and modern industrial packaging machinery helps to improve and increase the entire production process of your company, adding a plus of professionalism, quality and providing great value for your brand. Think of packaging as the first thing your customers will see when they buy your products.

The materials used by our industrial packaging machines are recyclable and manufactured to the highest environmental and quality standards. At the same time, they are a serious alternative for any company that wants to reduce the use of cardboard, a factor that, on the one hand, reduces the costs of the whole process, and on the other, contributes directly to the fight against the abusive felling of trees around the planet, thus achieving a lower impact in terms of carbon footprint.

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