The different ranges of packaging machinery included in our catalogue

 CMB has specialised in the design and manufacture of high-performance horizontal packaging machinery for medium and large-sized products since 1986, with a strong focus on the wood and furniture sector but with numerous customers in other sectors such as aluminium, PVC, glass, doors and windows, automotive, gardening, textiles, sanitation, etc.

Before going into more detail and talking about the specific features of each line of machinery, we would like to point out that throughout the years we have been working – bear in mind that we started in 1986, which means that we have been manufacturing packaging machinery for more than thirty-five years – we have always been committed to technological innovation, safety, respect for the environment, and energy efficiency as the key common factors in all our machines.

Custom Packaging Machine in Spain

One thing is certain: packaging line automation adds tremendous value and benefits to any plant and it is here to stay. 

We can customise and adapt each of our machines to the specific requirements and needs of each customer, product or installation. From the very basics, such as printing company colours and graphics on the equipment, to the design of the equipment depending on each specific product being packaged, to the installation of bi-directional L-shaped tables, specially designed for all those places where it is not possible to install a packaging table of a certain length.

Why automate your packaging line now and adapt your plant to Industry 4.0?

The main advantages and strengths of automating a packaging plant are described below. 

For example, it will allow you to increase the efficiency of your workforce, enabling you to cope smoothly with possible peaks in demand; you will greatly increase your production capacity by being able to work more, in less time and in a safer and more profitable way, quickly amortising the investment made in our packaging equipment. 

On the other hand, in terms of occupational safety, by reducing the phases and processes in which operators are involved, the risk of accidents is also drastically reduced, with all the benefits that this entails for any company.

As a result, in a plant equipped with our state-of-the-art, customised packaging machines, all those repetitive tasks that add very little value are removed from the equation.

Another key aspect to bear in mind is the fact that with our equipment, you will save significantly on packaging material, reducing production costs, but without having to give up the best quality packaging.

And speaking of quality, bear in mind that all our machinery has been designed to deliver the best possible quality packaging and even allows you to add customised graphics and logos, whilst also letting you to work with different materials, be it polyethylene film, bubble wrap, kraft paper…

Custom packaging machines for both hot and cold work

If all of the above interests you and you are looking for methods and machinery to optimise and improve all your department’s packaging processes, simply take a moment to explore our website to see all the features and strengths of each of our machines. 

We have specific ranges for working with cold and heat, depending on your needs, and the characteristics of your installation or your product.

If you want to see all these machines in full operation, just visit our YouTube channel, where you will find instructional and educational videos about each of them.

On the other hand, to request more detailed information or a personalised quote, call us on (+34) 93 636 14 16 or send an email to [email protected]  

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We are always 100% involved with each project and customer, supporting them throughout the purchase and installation process, and providing them with the best possible technical and after-sales service; we are fully aware of what an investment like this involves and a fundamental part of our work consists of minimising any errors in every sense, gaining their trust, establishing a long and lasting relationship, and successfully satisfying their packaging needs. CMB is a serious and reliable supplier who will always be on hand to give you the best advice.

Together we can launch your plant into the future!