At CMB we know that buying a packaging machine requires a significant investment

Buying an industrial packaging machine is a significant investment for any company, whether small, medium or large. This means that it is a decision that must be considered and that also requires a quality option that offers guarantees and an after-sales service that allows any possible incident to be resolved.

In the same way that buying an industrial packaging machine requires an economic effort for many industries in the furniture, wood and related sectors, it is also a great opportunity to optimise their production. Buying these machines is essential to be able to pack medium and large products quickly, without unnecessary waste of packaging materials and achieving an optimal result in terms of finishes and product protection.

For this reason, when a company in the furniture or wood sector is looking for an industrial packaging machine, it chooses to buy it from those manufacturers of this type of machinery that have the most experience and a proven track record behind them.

At CMB, we have been manufacturing industrial packaging machinery for medium and large products for almost four decades. We know the sector inside out and have the necessary background to be able to advise our customers according to their needs.

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Reasons why it is worth buying a CMB packaging machine

buy packaging machine

Our long experience in the packaging sector and our background as exporters of this type of machinery all over the world make us a good ally for those companies that decide to opt for industrial packaging in their facilities.

At CMB we know what we are talking about, we know how the sector works, we advise which of our packaging machinery models are best suited to each circumstance and we guide and accompany the customer throughout the purchasing process.

It is essential to know in detail the properties of an industrial packaging machine in order to know if the performance it offers will meet your needs. CMB’s technical sales team will carefully analyse your packaging requirements and will suggest which of our industrial packaging machines best suits them.

Another advantage you should know about CMB machinery is that it allows a high percentage of customisation depending on the customer’s needs and the products it manufactures. This means that, within each specific design, there is the possibility of adapting a large number of parameters, among which we find heights and lengths of the transport tables, diameter of the crowns and the working mouths of the tunnels, among many others; in order to be able to adjust even more to the real needs of the customers.

Unlike other suppliers of industrial packaging machinery, at CMB we offer an after-sales service. Our customers have reference persons within the CMB team to whom they can turn at any time in case of an incident, emergency or need related to the packaging machine. This provides great peace of mind to customers, especially considering the significant amount of money they invest in buying a packaging machine to incorporate into their production process. In addition, we have spare parts for all our machines, so that customer service is guaranteed, providing spare parts in an efficient and fast way.

Buying a CMB packaging machine means choosing to reduce waste

CMB’s commitment to sustainability is absolute, which is why our industrial packaging machines only use 100% recyclable packaging materials. At CMB, both cold and heat-applied packaging systems use recyclable products to protect, secure and hold products. In addition, our packaging machinery is already designed to keep surplus material to a minimum, so that not only is little waste generated, but any waste that is generated can be fully recycled and minimizes everyone’s impact on their carbon footprint.

If sustainability is also one of the fundamental values of your company, you should know that in CMB you will find an ally to advance in this direction. We work every day to become more efficient and minimise the impact of the use of our machines, both in terms of energy consumption and the materials used in the packaging processes. 

If you want to buy an efficient and effective packaging machine, you can find it at CMB. Do not hesitate to contact us as we will inform you without any obligation.