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If you are looking for an automatic packaging machine to ensure that the products you manufacture in your company arrive at their destination in optimum condition, thus avoiding the always dreaded returns, you are in the right place. At CMB we are specialists in the design and manufacture of industrial packaging machinery and have been distributing our equipment worldwide for almost four decades.

The experience we have accumulated over the years has allowed us to improve our machines and make them more efficient and more in line with the real needs of our customers. In this sense, we offer a range of three cold packaging machines that can be adapted to the specific requirements of each customer in order to optimise the packaging process to the maximum and, at the same time, reduce costs and quickly make the investment profitable.

What are the defining characteristics of CMB’s cold packaging systems?

One of the main attributes of our machines cold packaging systems is that they save energy, as their use requires much less electrical power consumption than systems that pack with heat, such as shrink packaging. Therefore, their operation is much more sustainable in terms of energy savings and their impact on the carbon footprint is also much lower. 

Furthermore, all CMB’s industrial packaging machines, both cold and hot, use polyethylene film, a 100% recyclable and ecological material, which adapts perfectly to the surface of the objects to be packaged and guarantees support and safety in equal parts.

Cold packaging machines are ideal for packaging products of regular sizes and more or less geometrical shapes, as the stretch film can be perfectly adjusted to their contours.

Máquina de embalaje precio

ERL: CMB’s rotary wrap-around packer

The rotary wrap-around case packer is the first cold packaging machine to be designed at CMB. One of the features that makes it an excellent choice is that it is not necessary to adapt the size of the reel to the packaging process, which reduces costs and time. The ERL is a very economical option to maximize production at a very affordable cost.

In the ERL, the product to be packaged is placed on an infeed conveyor table and the slewing ring rotates around the product to be packaged as if it were wrapping it with stretch film. In this way, the four sides of the product or “package” are perfectly covered, secured and insulated from the outside while the front and rear ends are left open, which is suitable for certain types of products where it is not advisable for them to be completely airtight.

This industrial cold packaging machine can be adapted to different sizes and objects in an agile way, which makes it a perfect ally if you have to pack moldings, blinds, doors, wooden profiles or furniture kits among many other products. Anything that can pass through the slewing ring of a CMB machine can be packaged with it.

COOLPACK: add an extra layer of protection to your packaging

The COOLPACK is a cold industrial packaging machine that is used in those cases where a protective layer of stretch film is not enough and where it is necessary to close the ends of the product to be packaged. This machine adds an extra layer of protection to the packaging, as it combines, for example, two materials: polyethylene bubble film and stretch film, both of which are fully recyclable.

This added safety offered by COOLPACK is due to the cushioning capacity of the bubble film. This packaging process is divided into two stages. In the first stage, a kind of bag is created with the bubble film that covers the product or package to be wrapped. This layer is the one that cushions possible shocks. In the second stage, this bag created with the bubble film is wrapped with stretch film and the product is left completely insulated and protected from the outside on all sides.

The combination of both films makes the COOLPACK the perfect packaging machine for furniture or home accessories that need to be handled delicately or are fragile. It can also be used for doors, windows or blinds that require extra protection or need to be tightly sealed to prevent dust from getting inside.

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In CMB we have a highly trained commercial team that can provide you with the best advice to find the machine you need. In addition, our technical team will be able to evaluate your needs to design all the modifications that are necessary to adapt our packaging machines to your industry.

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