In CMB you will find the perfect partner to industrialise and optimise the packaging process of your products

After 38 years dedicating ourselves day after day to this sector, we can affirm that CMB is an expert company in the optimisation and industrialisation of packaging in the wood and furniture sector. If you are in charge of a company whose need for your shipments is to protect medium and large products made of wood, aluminium, PVC and other materials, and you are looking to automate and industrialise the process, take a few minutes to discover what we can do for you and your company at CMB..

The industrialisation of the packaging process for medium and large products is essential if the performance of the production line is to be optimised. An industrial packaging machine allows many more products to be packed and protected in the same time interval than if it were done manually.

A packaging machine makes it possible to protect much larger products efficiently than if they were packed manually. As an expert company in the industrialisation and automation of packaging, we can affirm that packaging machinery allows an increase in productivity, without the medium or large products that we have to pack posing any problem for this. 

expert company industrialisation and automation packaging
expert company industrialisation and automation packaging

Industrialisation of packaging: more and better packaging in less time

More products packed, faster, more efficiently and with a better finish – what more could you ask of a packaging machine? In short: with any of CMB’s packaging machines you are completely guaranteed a higher throughput on your production line.

The speed at which these machines pack the products is much higher than if it is done manually, no matter how skilled you are at it, which allows a much larger quantity of products to be stored and then transported in optimum conditions.

An industrial packaging machine is the ally you need to be more productive, more efficient and more profitable.

Furthermore, depending on the shape of the products to be packed, we have series of machines that pack with different cold systems, and others that do so by applying heat in order to meet all kinds of needs. Therefore: there are no products or shapes of medium or large dimensions that our packaging machines cannot handle.

Packaging industrialisation is synonymous with caring for the environment

It seems contradictory, doesn’t it? Well, at CMB we are going to explain why relying on our machinery is synonymous with minimising the waste derived from the packaging process and therefore helping to minimise our carbon footprint.

Firstly, you should know that all our machines use 100% recyclable materials in the packaging process. So, what little surplus waste is generated in this process can be recycled into new consumables and the actual waste is zero.

expert company industrialisation and automation packaging

Secondly, CMB’s industrial packaging machinery is designed to be able to work with different product sizes and, consequently, with reels of recyclable polyethylene film of different sizes. This ensures that the right one is used in each case depending on the size of the furniture or wood. If only a small amount of surplus film is generated and it can be fully recycled, the impact of the process is zero and the carbon footprint generated is minimal.

Which of CMB’s packaging machines is the most suitable for your business?

expert company industrialisation and automation packaging

If you don’t know which industrial packaging machine you need, don’t worry: part of our job as a company specialising in the industrialisation and automation of packaging is to advise our customers. We encourage you to contact us and our technical and sales team will be at your disposal to accompany you throughout the whole process of choice, purchase and after-sales.

Our technical-sales staff will be duly informed about the production process of your industry and, depending on your real needs, they will suggest which of our series and models of industrial packaging machinery best suits your requirements. Honesty, responsibility, seriousness and transparency are part of our DNA and we always recommend to our customers what we are sure they really need, no more and no less. Trust CMB to take the step towards the industrialisation and automation of your packaging process!