Experts in wood and furniture packaging machinery for medium and large dimensions.

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One of CMB’s strengths is that we are specialists in the manufacture of packaging machinery for the wood and medium and large furniture sector. Since the beginning of the company in 1986, its trajectory has been closely linked to the wood sector and the furniture industry. This is due to the fact that just two years after its creation, CMB already participated in the most important fair of the sector worldwide, which is known for being the flagship of the wood and furniture sector: the Hannover Fair (Germany). It was there that CMB’s international expansion began and today, almost four decades later, it continues to be a benchmark for international trade fairs in the sector and also for many furniture companies spread across the five continents.

Wood and furniture packaging machinery: What are the needs of the sector?

In order to live up to the expectations that the furniture sector requires about machinery for wood and furniture packaging, it is essential to know in detail what the real needs of this sector are. At CMB, we have extensive experience in this field and over the years we have accumulated the necessary know-how to anticipate and offer the industry exactly what it needs or even anticipate and offer machinery that follows trends while improving and perfecting existing packaging systems.

Wood and furniture made of wood and other materials are delicate products. Unlike some metals or steels, they are much more sensitive to the action of external agents that can modify or condition their characteristics and even damage them. Moisture directly affects wood and furniture, therefore, any packaging applied to it must ensure that it is properly insulated from moisture, otherwise its appearance may deteriorate and be considerably damaged.

Another peculiarity of wood products and furniture is that they can be easily damaged if they receive an impact, especially if it takes place in corners or angles that define the limits of the product. For this reason, wood and furniture packaging machinery must provide options to fully protect the product from these possible and undesirable impacts or blows.

normas internacionales embalaje
normas internacionales embalaje

CMB’s wood and furniture packaging machinery guarantees…

At CMB we have packaging machines that work with cold packaging systems and systems that use the application of heat. All our packaging machines for medium and large products offer maximum protection and support for the product inside. CMB offers you a total guarantee that your products will be safe and insulated from dirt, humidity or dust with our packaging systems. Whether for storage, display or transport, your furniture and wood will remain in perfect condition.

Not only that, but CMB’s packaging machinery can offer you the combination of several layers of protection for your products. Depending on how demanding your products are to be moved, you can choose packaging with a single layer of film, with an extra layer of protection, or packaging that also insulates the front and back. All CMB machinery uses 100% recyclable packaging materials, such as polyethylene in its many different options, allowing you to achieve packaging with zero impact on the environment, thus minimizing your carbon footprint.

Discover CMB’s wood and furniture packaging machines

Below is a brief summary of the packaging systems we can provide you with. We encourage you to contact our technical-sales department to make an appointment to define exactly which wood packaging machine you need for your facility.

  • ERL Series. It is a type of machinery that works by means of a cold packaging system and uses fully recyclable stretch polyethylene film. Ideal for furniture of all sizes: from doors, window frames, wooden profiles…
  • COOLPACK. This series of machines is CMB’s most successful cold packer. It offers two layers of protection because it combines polyethylene bubble film with polyethylene stretch film. It is perfect for packaging large and medium sized furniture that requires extra protection. If you choose it, you will not regret it.
  • Super P. This is a module that offers a third protective layer that shields the front and back of the product to be packaged. It combines different polyethylene materials such as bubble, cell-air or even cardboard foil with polyethylene stretch film.
normas internacionales embalaje
normas internacionales embalaje
  • ERB. If the packaging you need requires a high quality finish that allows you to see every detail inside the package, the ERB series machines are your best choice. With heat-shrinkable polyethylene film, these machines achieve a precise and tight packaging that becomes a second skin that fits perfectly to the furniture or product being packed, stored and protected.
  • COMBO. The COMBO series machines are the perfect choice if what is required is high efficiency and production to be able to pack furniture of different sizes in an agile and fast way, without having to stop the packaging process to change film reels.
  • ERS. If you are engaged in the production of parquet sheets, moldings or wooden profiles, there is no doubt that the machines of this series are what you need. Maximum visualization, quality finishing and high production.