Why is it difficult to find efficient packaging machinery for medium and large products?

If you need to buy packaging machinery for medium to large products, you will probably find it more difficult to find the perfect machine than if you need to pack small products. Although the market for packaging machinery is not small, it is true that most of the machines that are manufactured are designed to pack small products.

For this reason, when there is a need to find a machine that is capable of packaging medium to large products such as furniture, sofas, panels, boards or wooden slats, the choice is considerably reduced.

However, at CMB we decided to specialise precisely in packaging machinery for medium and large products from the very beginning. When José Barberán Albiac, father of the current manager, founded the company in 1986, it was very clear to him that he wanted to specialise in this type of machinery: that which allows medium and large products to be suitably packaged. 

large packaging machinery

CMB’s packaging machinery for medium and large products

large packaging machinery

At CMB we have several series and models of packaging machinery for medium and large products. Each of these models has been designed to meet the specific packaging needs of products with the same common denominator: their large size.

For example, if you have a company that needs to pack large products of different sizes in an agile way, with one of the machines of the COMBO Series you will be able to do so, without having to stop the packaging process between one package and another to change the film width. On the other hand, if you need to pack slats, boards or parquet mouldings as quickly as possible, the machines of the ERS Series have been designed precisely for this purpose. 

These are just some of the examples of our packaging machinery that we can offer you. The packaging machinery for medium and large parcels that we manufacture at CMB is classified as follows: systems that cold pack by the application of stretch film in the final stage, and those that pack by the application of heat by passing the shrink film through their heated tunnels.

In both cases, the machines have product infeed and outfeed tables of sufficient length and width to allow the products to be packed correctly. In the case of machines that operate by applying heat, the inlets of the heat shrink tunnels are also large enough to accommodate products of considerable size to be packed. 

On the other hand, those machines with a cold packaging system, which apply stretch film such as the COOLPACK Series or the ERL Series, have a rotating crown with sufficient diameter to be able to “bandage” the product to be packaged, even if it has a medium or large volume. In addition, the rollers that support the film reels are designed precisely to be able to load and dispose of reels of large dimensions and different widths.

Packaging machinery for medium and large products and sustainability are fully compatible

CMB’s packaging machinery for medium and large products is the best ally to achieve sustainable packaging and thus minimize our carbon footprint. For CMB, sustainability is not an option but an imperative need.

For this reason, our industrial packaging machines have been designed to consume as little energy as possible, to work with 100% recyclable packaging materials and to generate as little waste and impact as possible. The polyethylene stretch and shrink films used by our machines to protect items such as furniture or products made from wood, aluminum and similar materials are made from fully recyclable polyethylene.

Furthermore, the packaging technology used at CMB is prepared to adapt with maximum precision to the size and shape of the product to be packaged, so that the surplus packaging material generated is minimal, thus making the consumption of materials profitable. In this way, the minimum amount of polyethylene film is wasted and, in addition, this small amount of material can be recycled, giving it a new life and a subsequent use.

Increase the productivity of your production line with our packaging machinery

When a company incorporates CMB’s packaging machinery for medium and large products to its production line, it is betting on an increase in productivity without sacrificing high quality packaging as well as profitability. Rely on the experience we have accumulated at CMB over almost 40 years, and let us advise you on which of our packaging systems and machines can be most useful for your needs. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals!