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Wrapping systems combining bubble and stretch film to obtain high level protection and low power costs. The Coolpack series’ packing system is ideal for all types of furniture, household accessories, blinds, doors and windows in general, all those products requiring special protection.

An appropriate packaging system offering maximum protection through the combination of two plastic materials. The bubble, along with the stretch film, give the product double isolation and a great deal of protection, based on the combination of the cushioning from the bubble and the support of the stretch film.


Las instalaciones COOLPACK installations comprise a in-feed table, a heat-sealing head, an intermediate table, a rotating crown with integral transporting system (COOLPACK-TI) and an output table.

The packaging cycle has two processes:

  • The first creates a bag (bubble wrap, polytene, etc.), which contains the product to be packaged inside it.
  • In the second process, this bag is wrapped with stretch film, leaving the packaged product perfectly protected from the outside.

The product is deposited in the centre of the in-feed table and the packaging process begins automatically.

Cold Packaging Coolpack

  • A wrapping machine that combines, for example, bubble with stretch film to obtain high protection factor at low rates of power consumption.
  • It can work with a variety of different-shaped articles, making it a highly flexible machine.
  • Operator-friendly for daily prep and startup as no type of heat source is required for shrinking.

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Coolpack Cold Packaging Machine

Coolpack Packaging Machine

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