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ERS · Shrink Wrapping Overlap Machine
Maximum visualization and production

ERS Shrink Wrapping Overlap Machine

Packaging with overlapped shrink film provides high quality wrap finishes and high production rates at very competitive prices.


Automatic wrapping machine for shrink film applications using lower overlap. Machines are equipped with infeed conveyor, sealing bar station including a metal shoe element for shaping film, intermediary conveyor and heat tunnel.

Product is centrally placed on infeed conveyor to go on through a curtain of folded shaped film which is sealed at front edge. Next, sealing bar lowers to close off back edge and item is completely enclosed, ready to run through heat tunnel where plastic film contracts and fits neatly.

Shrink Wrapping Machine Details

  • Recommendable for obtaining proper vision of product and increased added value.
  • Ideal for high production rates as the only slight conveyor stop is for sealing film. ·Robustly built, high performance and low maintenance.

Shrink Wrapping Overlap Machine Details

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