Environmental awareness today is a collective issue and concerns society as a whole, consumers, and professionals. Choosing and designing recyclable or reusable packaging is becoming increasingly important to reduce the so-called carbon footprint.

The answer lies in eco-design. CBM has been designing packaging machinery for industry for 35 years, committed to the development of sustainable and increasingly environmentally friendly solutions.

Eco-friendly packaging for industry

To better manage the packaging, storage, and shipping of large products it is necessary to use the right machinery, as it allows you to save time and reduce costs, working more and in a more efficient way. CBM has a wide range of industrial packaging systems to obtain a better result and less use of materials, being already, with the passage of time, a guarantee of savings and reliability.

Our equipment meets the objective of guaranteeing your company and your product the maximum protection in the minimum time, for all types of wood products and furniture of medium and large dimensions

embalajes para la industria ecológicos

We continuously invest in research and quality, applying the most advanced technologies in the field of automated packaging and new environmentally sustainable technologies.

CBM solutions for eco-responsible packaging

Because it is not only about using machinery that works efficiently and with less energy consumption, but also, with our solutions, the use of cardboard is drastically reduced.

Our machinery is capable of working with different materials that you can select according to the needs of your product: stretch film, bubble polyethylene or both combined.

Our machines use recyclable materials and constitute a serious alternative for companies that want to minimize the use of cardboard, making a direct contribution to the indiscriminate felling of forest mass that is currently taking place.

They offer alternatives for medium and large objects, providing perfect protective packaging, minimizing the use of raw materials and energy.

To go into more detail, CBM can offer three cold packers and three hot packers; state-of-the-art equipment that allows you to fully digitize your packaging plant.

As they are very versatile, you will be able to work with objects of different sizes and formats on the same line. They also offer you the possibility to customize finishes, adding even more value for your brand because make no mistake, packaging is the first thing consumers see.

The quality of the packaging is the first indicator of the quality of the packaged product.

Don’t hesitate to ask for technical advice if you need it

Making an investment of this kind represents a major effort, and we want to help you in the best way we know how, offering you all the technical advice you require.

If you require any clarification about our machinery, just take a few seconds to fill in our contact form or e-mail us to [email protected]. You can also call us at (+34) 93 636 14 16, we will be pleased to help you.