What materials are commonly used for industrial packaging of wood products and furniture? 

Industrial packaging is all that is necessary in the packaging process to protect, preserve and conserve products, temporarily, to be transported, stored and finally delivered in optimal conditions to their final recipients. To obtain the best packaging, at CMB, we believe that it must be adapted to the product specifications and protect it in excellent conditions until it reaches its final destination.

We always show, as far as possible, respect for the environment, using non-aggressive and, if possible, recyclable materials, as is already the case with almost all the packaging materials used in our machines.

propiedades de los films de embalaje industrial

Which packaging materials do CMB machines work with?

Our machinery can work with different packaging materials, such as basic polyethylene film, bubble polyethylene film, stretch polyethylene film, cardboard on reels, kraft paper and even combinations of these, offering the highest degree of protection for your products.

The initial objective of the packaging is to protect our products from impacts, vibrations, corrosion, dust…, factors that can change the quality, presentation, or the very essence of our products. There are different protective materials depending on the product to be transported and different types of hot and cold packaging according to the needs of transport, handling, and storage of the products.

Two types of packaging and their materials of use for precise and reliable packaging of your wood products 

The packaging we use for our cold packaging machinery 

Our cold packaging systems can combine the basic polyethylene film, bubble film, foil cardboard and kraft paper with the stretch film that finishes the package. This results in a high level of protection, thanks to the extreme hold of the stretch film with the cushioning effect of the bubble or the other materials mentioned, and all this combined with low-energy consumption.

What are the strengths of stretch film? 

Stretch polyethylene film machines allow the packaging process to be carried out at a very low cost of the applied material. You will be able to work with stacked packages, with a high degree of fastening and protection. All this with cost-effective, automated and efficient machinery.

You will work more in less time, with all that this means in productive and economic terms. What’s more, our cold work machinery offers the possibility of combining different packaging materials in superimposed layers, achieving an unbeatable degree of protection and full guarantees.

Hot packaging: What are the strengths of heat shrink film when it comes to hot packaging? 

Our heat shrinks wrapping machines allow the use of shrink film packaging. This type of material allows a good visualization of the products and, at the same time, a high production at a very competitive cost. In other words, this is a safe and profitable investment for any packaging plant.

Shrink film for overlap bottom seal 

Shrink film packaging with overlap bottom seal is ideal for large runs of products in the same format that require a suitable aesthetic presence and the same finishes.

Our machinery even allows the company logo to be stamped on the final result with the best quality, as well as the optional incorporation of labelling machines for marking the packaged products. With our machinery, the satisfaction of your customers will start with the packaging, increasing the value of your brand and your reputation.

What must be considered for the operation of our packaging machines? 

The sealing heads that join the sheets of the different types of polyethylene film together are undoubtedly the most important point of the packaging machines in both cold and heated packaging systems.

They are made of Duralumin and have an exclusive and successful mechanization, which allows them to make strong and durable welding seams for the different types of recyclable polyethylene film that can be used in our machines.

The inside of the bar or welding head incorporates an electrical and heating resistance, which is what helps it to achieve a uniform temperature along its entire length, to be able to carry out the necessary welding seams.

The Duralumin head is then coated with a Teflon sheet to prevent the film from sticking to the welding head every time it performs the sealing process. The main maintenance, which is elementary, consists of replacing the Teflon protective film, which wears out with the passage of packages, as it always works at a certain temperature. CMB has different models of welding heads for different types of polyethylene film.

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