An automatic stretch wrapping machine with high productivity, maximum efficiency and great visualization

 orbital stretch wrapper machines

“The finishes of a product are a true reflection of its quality” … With this phrase we like to present our ERL orbital stretch wrapper. Automatic and designed to work in cold, it is perfect for all those packaging lines where a high degree of fastening and versatility is required, as it can be used for different product dimensions.

It uses fully recyclable polyethylene stretch film, which is a guarantee of a good protection with a low cost of the applied material. Furthermore, it is not necessary to adapt the width of the film to the product, as it happens with CMB shrink machines.

On the other hand, we can guarantee that this is an orbital stretch wrapper machine that offers great productivity at a very competitive cost.

How does the ERL orbital stretch wrapper work and what exactly is the process like?

It consists of an input and output table, between which a rotating crown (ERL) is located. Its operation is very intuitive: once the product to be packed is located in the center of the entrance table, the process starts automatically. The product advances to the crown, where it is wrapped by the stretch film. In this way, the package is closed and protected on all 4 sides.

 orbital stretch wrapper machines

Our ERL series has many models, depending on the crown width that your automatic orbital stretch wrapper needs. It adapts to any product of medium and large dimensions, such as furniture, doors, windows, profiles, moldings, blinds, tubes, stacked plates …

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This automatic wrapping machine is designed to increase the productivity of any packaging line, at a very competitive cost, while guaranteeing high levels of energy efficiency. We know that it is an important investment and that it can generate certain doubts or questions. If you want to receive detailed information about our industrial packaging machinery, you only have to contact us by phone at (+34) 93 636 14 16; send an email to the address [email protected]; or fill out the form that you will find on this website. Think that we have spent many years betting on the research and development of new packaging technologies, with our machines spread all over the planet. This is the best guarantee for all customers. Tell us what you need and we will offer you the optimal packaging solution and machinery for this.