Special features of shrink wrapping

shrink wrapping

By definition, shrink wrapping means wrapping a product with transparent film to hold and protect it, attaching to it and covering it completely.

Shrink wrapping is an industrial process that runs at the end of a production line, within the packaging process of any product or food. It protects it from dirt, dust, shock and prevents its manipulation by third parties.

Benefits provided by the use of heat shrink film

Thanks to the advanced machinery designed by our experts, shrink wrapping will allow you to obtain high production, lowering costs and optimizing time to the fullest. On the other hand, you can provide your products with custom finishes, corporate colors or even your printed logo, without complications of any kind.

It is also important to note that all our packaging equipment, both cool and heat packaging machinery, has been designed with maintenance, robustness and simple commissioning in mind.

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The finishes of a product are a reflection of its quality: our specific machinery for shrink wrapping

Now we would like to talk about the three different types of machines we have for this type of heat shrink wrapping: the shrink wrapping machine, which will allow you to obtain a good visualization of the products, together with a high production at a more than competitive cost; The COMBO system, which allows products of different sizes to be packaged within the same production line, optimizing the maximum amount of film to be used, thus protecting the environment and reducing downtime in the packaging process to become the system of fastest packing in the market; or the overlap shrink wrapping machine, a system with which high quality finishes and high productions are obtained at very tight prices and in record time.

We know that choosing machinery or packaging system may not be a simple task. If so, do not hesitate to come to visit us or contact us without any commitment, by calling +34 93 636 14 16. We will study your case carefully, as well as the packaging needs of your line of production, and we will offer you the ideal solution. This is our job!