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ERB · Shrink Wrapping Machine
A product’s finish is a reflection of its quality

ERB Shrink Wrapping Machine

Shrink wrapping means items can be identified simply apart from providing high production at a competitive cost.

With this type of installation, a wide variety of products can be protected: furniture of all types, wood, mattresses, textiles, frames and finishes, automobile accessories, etc…


  • Automatic packaging installation for the protection of a wide variety of products using shrink-wrap film.
  • ERB installations consist of two packaging modules: EB (heat- sealing head) and RB (retraction tunnel).
  • The PE (Polythene) film shrinks on contact with heat and wraps the product closely, protecting it and keeping it entirely free of dust, water and other potentially damaging elements.

Shrink Wrapping Machine ERB

  • High production levels, as in the entire packaging process the machine only stops briefly to solder the film.
  • There is also the possibility for personalised finishes, using plastics with specific characteristics, of different colours, or even with printed logos.
  • Extremely sturdy and reliable,leading to major savings in maintenance and tuning.

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Shrink Wrapping Machine

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