What is CMB hot packaging?

embalaje con film termorretráctil

The main difference between hot or cool packaging lies in the packaging techniques that are applied in each process, as well as in the materials used for it. 

Although recyclable polyethylene is always used, the reactions of this type of material, depending on whether heat or stretching is applied by mechanical traction, have totally different behaviors, with which very different finishes are achieved.

Starting from that base, at CMB we have three different hot packaging machines. This allows us to adapt to the specific needs of our customers’ production lines perfectly. Today we will show you all the benefits of the shrink film to pack your products.

ERB shrink wrapping machine and shrink film packaging

With the CMB shrink wrapping machine you will achieve great results in terms of packaging your products. The shrink film ensures almost perfect conditions and a high degree of protection and support. It completely isolates the packaged product from dust, dirt and other external factors that could damage it, while providing a good visualization of the inside of the packaging.

On the other hand, the production with this system is very high and this translates into a very competitive market cost, so from CMB we can ensure that it is a profitable investment for any company. It is a perfect wrapping machine for furniture, wood, mattresses, textiles …

Do you need more detailed information about packaging with shrink film?

If you are thinking of making an investment to buy this packaging machine, but still have doubts about it, do not think about it and contact our customer service and assistance department. We will offer you a personalized and direct treatment, and we will find the packaging system that best suits your business needs.

On the other hand, know that you can come to visit us without any commitment, to see in person all our packaging equipment, both cool and hot. We would love to establish a lasting, stable and trustful relationship with you.