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CMB is a company dedicated to the manufacture of all types of packaging machinery for medium and large size products, covering both cool and hot processes, with special attention to wood products.

Today we are dealing with one of the most complete systems designed by CMB engineers and technicians: the COMBO series packaging system.

This type of packaging machinery is perfect for packing products of different sizes in the same production line, continuously and optimizing the times to the maximum.

For this, shrink film is used, a factor that guarantees, on the one hand, a clear visualization of the products and, on the other, a high production together with a competitive cost.

What benefits will the COMBO system bring to your production line?

First, with this advanced packaging system, production is substantially increased, since it is not necessary to stop the process for the exchange of reels like in other systems.

You will also get a significant saving of consumables thanks to the use of film reels of different sizes, depending on the dimensions of each package to be packed.

To sum up, we are facing a modern and advanced product packaging machine like few others, with a long list of advantages that will significantly improve your production line and with which you will obtain great profitability in a very short time.

Anyway, if you are not clear about your ideal system, you just have to contact us and we will try to advise you to choose the ideal machinery for your packaging line. That is our job and what motivates us to continue working daily. What exactly do you need?

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