What are the elements of the ERS?

The ERS consists of an infeed table, which is the place where the product to be packaged is placed; the welding head, which is the part responsible for welding the film to create a tube; [...]

What types of film does ERS work with?

The ERS or overlap shrink wrapper is a heat wrapping machine that uses 100% recyclable shrink film. The main characteristic or attribute of this type of film is that when heat is applied to it, [...]

What types of film does COMBO use?

CMB's COMBO packaging machine works with heat shrink film. It is a 100% recyclable polyethylene film whose main feature is that it shrinks when heat is applied to it. This shrinkage allows it to acquire [...]

How does ERB differ from COMBO and ERS?

The most different of the three machines is the COMBO, which has been conceived and designed to be able to heat pack products of different sizes without having to change the film reels. The COMBO [...]

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