Industrial heat packaging refers to the process of applying heat to certain packaging materials to get them to soften and conform around an object or product to be packaged. This can be done using a heat packaging machine such as those offered by CMB.

The heat wrapping process generally involves the following steps:

  • Place the object or product on the base of the heat wrapping machine where it is wrapped with heat shrink film.
  • Activate the heat packaging machine to apply heat to the plastic film.
  • The film will soften and shrink around the object or product.
  • Once properly adjusted, the heat application is stopped and the packaged object or product is removed.

Industrial heat packaging is commonly used to protect and secure products during transportation and storage. This method of packaging is especially useful for products that are fragile or have irregular shapes, as the heat allows the plastic film to fit more tightly and adhere more firmly around the product.