At CMB, we produce cold and hot packaging machines. Cold packaging, also known as “bandaged packaging”, is one that uses stretchable polyethylene, which is a material that stretches with cold and shrinks without the need for heat. On the other hand, heat packaging uses shrink polyethylene, which is a film that, when temperature is applied, adapts to the shape of the product.

Their main differences are:

  • While both use polyethylene film, one packs by bandaging, while the other does so by shrinking the material through the application of heat.
  • Heat packaging lasts longer than cold packaging.
  • Cold packaging uses less energy
  • Heat packaging supports products with morphologies with greater variations.
  • Cold packaging supports the use of bubble film.

Because of these differences is that not all industries can make use of the same machines. This will depend on a series of issues, such as how fragile the product is, its shape and dimensions and how it will be transported, among others.