The company will be present once more in the most important wood international trade fair, that is hold in Hannover (Germany) every 2 years and that has counted on the presence of CMB since its origins.

Some IMPORTANT NOVELTIES will be presented:

-The increase of speed of our packaging machine ERL-30 EXPRESS, going from the current 35 meters/minute to more than 45 meters/minute; becoming a HS-High Speed packaging machine.

-Moreover, in the COOLPACK Series, for the first time a packaging machine that works with medium and big size package and that is able to work with kraft paper and bubble appears in the market, something totally new. This improvement perfects the utility of the machine and the purpose for which it was conceived: an excellent finishing in the product packaging.

-Another novelty related to ERL and COOLPACK Series will be the pre-stretching roller, that allows to save up to 30% of film, by doing a transverse stretching of it.

-Finally, and going on with our commitment in terms of being efficient in the packaging process and in its optimization without harming the final result, we are also going to present our new software that allows to optimise the number of initial and final turns during the packaging process. This novelty helps to achieve an important savings of plastic combined with a reduction of down time.


Without a doubt, a fair that will not disappoint. See you in Hannover!