Heat shrink packaging systems, also known as heat shrink systems, are useful in a variety of situations where you want to protect and stabilize products for transport and storage.

Here are some cases in which CMB recommends the use of heat shrink packaging systems:

  1. To protect products during transport: heat packaging can provide an additional layer of protection for products being transported, especially if they are irregularly shaped, fragile or delicate.
  2. To improve product presentation: heat packaging can improve the appearance of products by reducing the amount of air and void space in the package, which can make products look more attractive.
  3. To stabilize products: heat packaging can help stabilize products inside the package, which can prevent damage and reduce the amount of waste.
  4. To increase durability: heat packaging can help increase the durability of products by protecting them from the elements and preventing oxidation.
  5. To reduce package size: heat packaging can reduce package size, which can reduce shipping and storage costs.
  6. To comply with health and safety regulations: some products require special packaging to comply with health and safety regulations, and heat packaging systems can be an effective option to achieve this.