At CMB, we have three models of industrial cold packaging machinery. Each of them is recommended to be used in different industries, according to the types of products they work with. One of the great advantages of this type of packaging is that it is much cheaper than others, since it does not require the adaptation of the coil for the packaging process, nor any contribution of heat, as it happens in the shrink system.

The ERL is a wraparound rotary baler that uses recyclable polyethylene film and is specially designed to pack products of different dimensions and shapes. This machine has an innovative automatic packaging technology, which allows achieving maximum production, with the minimum added cost. 

The COOLPACK model offers a higher degree of protection, thanks to the combination of two recyclable polyethylene film materials: bubble film and stretch film. In this way, the products have a double insulation: the bubble provides insulation, while the stretch film guarantees support. 

The SUPER P packaging machine provides super protection, since it has a system that allows you to pack any object with all kinds of materials, such as stretch film, corrugated cardboard sheets and bubble film. Its system allows superimposing layers of different materials, depending on the product to be packed, offering the highest level of protection.