Industrial cold packaging machinery uses different materials, depending on the products to be packed. Stretch polyethylene film, bubble film and corrugated cardboard sheets are among the most chosen, due to their properties to adjust and protect different products, as well as the fact that they are recyclable.

They can also combine up to 3 different materials, to provide greater protection. The COOLPACK model, for example, allows packaging with stretch film and bubble film, to offer all products the best support, without sacrificing insulation. The SUPER P machine adds to these two materials a third, corrugated cardboard sheets, to offer the highest level of protection.

The use of recyclable polyethylene film, without additional layers, is perfect for holding and protecting from dust. It is a system that can be adapted to all possible shapes and objects and that is economical, since it does not require an adaptation of the coil for the packaging process, nor any contribution of heat.