Our packaging machinery can use different types of materials, according to the requirements of each industrial sector. Polyethylene stretch film and bubble film are the most commonly used, although corrugated cardboard sheets can also be used. These are recyclable materials, which are key to making the production process more sustainable.

Stretch film is one of the most efficient solutions for industries when packing. Some of its great advantages are:

  • It allows accelerating the processes: the stretch film allows the packaging in horizontal and continuous system of stacked pallets with a high degree of fastening, without suffering any setback and in a quick and simple way.
  • It is very economical: by not requiring heat for adjustment, this type of packaging produces great energy savings.
  • Great versatility: stretch film packaging allows you to pack a wide range of products, such as large and small furniture, doors, windows, stacked sheets, textiles and polyethylene, and many more.

Heat shrink film is one used by machines with heat. It is a transparent polyethylene film that, when heated, shrinks and offers an optimal and long-lasting fit. In addition, it allows you to visualize the product inside, making it ideal for the end customer.

Bubble film and corrugated cardboard sheets are often used as a complement to cling film, to increase the degree of protection. They are usually used in products that have a certain fragility, or those that will be transported in certain conditions that require greater protection.