CMB industrial packaging machines are used in those industries that require packaging medium and large products. While we specialize in wood and aluminium parts, we also have extensive experience designing machines to cover other materials and smaller products.

Among our clients, manufacturers of furniture of different types, doors, windows, irons, textiles, mouldings, blinds and tubes, among others, stand out. As these are products regularly, normally this type of customer select between one of our models to pack cold, according to their specific requirements. 

Depending on the level of protection they need, they can decide between the ERL, COOLPACK and SUPER P models. It is worth clarifying that those who choose this type of machine generally do not sell their products to the end customer, since the cold packaging does not have enough duration or the finish indicated for the B2C type trade.

However, we are also selected by factories that produce mattresses, automotive accessories and other products, usually irregularly shaped and / or that need better quality finishes to be able to sell to the end customer. 

In these cases, our customers use heat packaging machines that use heat shrink film, since this fits perfectly to the shape of the products and even allow seeing the contents of their interior. Depending on the level of protection they need, the characteristics of the materials and the shape of the products to be packaged, this type of industry can choose between the ERB, ERS and COMBO models.