At CMB, we strive to wrap our products with recyclable materials and to design smart machines that can save energy and minimize material waste. In this way, we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of the packaging process of our machines as much as possible.

Both the shrink polyethylene film used by CMB cold packaging machines, and the shrink film used by heat machines, are recyclable. The use of packaging of this type for industry allows companies to contribute to the care of the environment and minimize the contribution to the carbon footprint.

On the other hand, although cold packaging machines – such as the ERL, COOLPACK and SUPER P series – use less energy than heat machines, we have developed the Ecotherm system, which prevents temperature losses, optimizes the recirculation of heat flow and improves film shrinkage. In this way, it allows reducing by up to 45% the amount of energy used in the heat packaging process.   

In addition, all our machines are designed to optimize the packaging process to the maximum, which entails numerous benefits for companies, especially, highlighting the great savings involved in choosing machinery that allows packaging products wasting the minimum amount of material possible.