At CMB, we have been manufacturing industrial packaging machinery for large and medium-sized products for more than 30 years. We have six different models of packaging machines: three of them are for cold packaging and the other three are for heat packaging.

Cold packaging machines use stretch film and have the great advantage of spending less energy than those that use heat, so they can make a big difference in saving costs. The models we have in CMB are the following:

  • ERL: it is a wraparound rotary baler that is ideal for packaging large products, such as furniture of all sizes, kit furniture, doors, windows, stacked plates, textiles, and many more.
  • COOLPACK: it is a packaging machine that combines bubble film with stretch film, allowing to obtain high protection along with low-energy consumption.
  • SUPER P: This model allows a wide variety of packaging materials to be combined in overlapping layers, such as shrink polyethylene, film mousse, bubble film and sheet cardboard. This allows you to achieve the highest level of protection.

Heat packaging machines, on the other hand, are those that are ideal for packaging products with irregular shapes, since they use heat shrink film that adjusts to various shapes. In this way, it also has a more aesthetic and durable finish than that obtained with cold machines.

  • ERB: This shrink baler is composed of two packaging modules: the welding head and the shrink tunnel.
  • ERS: The overlapping shrink baler is designed to work with shrink film and under-overlapping welding to cover the product completely.
  • COMBO: it is ideal for packaging products of different sizes without interruptions, since the system detects the dimensions of the package to be packed and selects the appropriate film reel for each product.