What kind of packaging do I need for my company?

The emergence of automated packaging processes and the advent of the so-called Industry 4.0 has meant a major improvement for the entire industrial sector in terms of productivity, energy efficiency, occupational safety or production capacity in their current packaging plants.

This has also led to a significant reduction in costs and incidents for manufacturers in many sectors.

The best type of packaging is the one that fits the product specifications and protects it in excellent condition until it reaches its final destination.

How to choose the ideal industrial packaging?

At CMB we are true specialists in the design, manufacture and marketing of automatic installations and machinery for the packaging of medium and large sized wooden products. We also have business lines within the aluminium sector, and we are fully involved in an international expansion plan. 

Different types of industrial packaging to choose from

Nowadays, there are many types of packaging to select from for our company’s shipments, as well as a long list of aspects to consider: what product should we send, where and how, and relating to all this, select the one that best suits each specific need.

Aspects to consider when choosing industrial packaging

Our products must arrive in perfect condition at their final destination, regardless of the shipping process they have to go through.  Below, we will show you all the aspects that you should consider when deciding the packaging that will give you the best results for the transport of your products.

  • Types of packaging: before choosing the packaging solution that best suits each shipment, it is essential to consider a series of factors that will facilitate the choice of one type or another. Our machinery is capable of working with different materials, including stretch film, heat-shrink film, bubble wrap and Kraft paper, among others.

  • Product characteristics: the main factor to consider is what the product to be shipped is like. If it is solid or liquid, what size it is, how much it weighs, if it is fragile or not, if it needs specific conservation options or if it is a product that must be boxed, protected, loose, etc. Depending on each of these characteristics, the packaging, also on the inside, will vary.

how to choose ideal industrial packaging
  • Packaging strength: it is also important to bear in mind that the packages will pass through different hands until they reach their destination. Therefore, it is likely that they will not be treated with the same delicacy as in our warehouses and may be exposed to some blows. And it is at this point that the resistance of the different types of packaging that we are going to select plays a fundamental role.

  • Types of packaging closure: the types of packaging closures are another of the most significant points to consider. This will determine the ease of assembly and disassembly, storage, recycling and reuse, etc.

  • Type of transport: it is essential to know the type of transport to which the shipments will be subjected to determine the best packaging. Land, sea or air, each of them exposed to certain conditions and, therefore, to different packaging needs to protect it.

  • Packaging design: finally, it will be crucial to know what image we want to transmit, what external design we want. If we would like to offer personalized packaging with the company logo, with colours on the boxes, with specific designs, etc., we will have to choose to package that accepts the printing technique we are going to use or the packaging machinery we have available.

Our industrial packaging machinery

Having explained everything you need to consider deciding the most suitable type of packaging for your products, it is important to highlight our wide range of machinery. We have two different lines of equipment, one of them specially designed to work with cold and the other one to work with heat.

Cold working packaging machines

Hot work packaging machines

At CMB, we specialize in the manufacture of all types of wooden packaging, adapted to the weight and volume of the pieces to be contained and offering maximum protection in the transport and logistics operations of the packaged products. All of this is automated and achieved in the most efficient way possible.  We have more than thirty years of experience, as well as a high Know How regarding the materials available in the market and the best way to apply and work them for this type of products.

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