Elastic Film Packaging Machine



What does the industrial packaging process consist of?

The packaging is the temporary wrap that is placed on the products for proper handling, transport or identification. Within the industrial packaging process we could differentiate three different types:

  • Primary packaging: it is the one that refers to the container, to the first package. The one that is in direct contact with the product until it reaches the final consumer.
  • Secondary packaging: here we are referring to the set of boxes and wrappers that group the containers together to form a loading unit. When it reaches stores or commercial surfaces, it is discarded and thrown away.
  • Tertiary packaging: this is large-scale packaging, designed to optimize space and protect products during storage.

Why buying an industrial packaging machine for your company?


Shrink Wrapping Machine


Packaging machines are vital equipment in an industrial process. With them you will ensure an effective transfer of the goods and products to the final destination. You will get more profitability from the work you have done, faster and more efficient transport and increase your logistic capacity to the maximum without many complications.

At CMB we are able to offer you the most modern and advanced packaging machines of the market. We offer state-of-the-art packaging solutions and systems: bubble and stretch, stretch film, combination of materials, retractable, overlapping shrink …

Do you need more information about our packaging machines?

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If you have decided that buying a packaging machine is in your best interest, but you still have a question or need advice, you just have to contact us and we will be happy to answer all the questions that may be necessary.

We love to offer a direct and personalized service to each of our clients until we find the ideal solution for the industrial needs of your company. We have been manufacturing all this type of machines for more than 30 years and that experience plus the satisfaction of our customers all over the world is what endorses us.

To bet on CMB is to do it for real professionals in the world of packaging … never forget it!