What is cool packaging with stretch film?


cool packaging cmb


When it is time to package your products, it is vitally important to choose the most appropriate method. Only then will the final result be the desired one and will meet all your expectations. If we have to emphasize a quality of the stretch film, it is, without a doubt, that its properties make it the perfect material for palletizing and product packaging

It is a stretch film made of transparent low-density polyethylene plastic. It enjoys a great resistance with which it fixes and secures all loads, no matter how heavy, on pallets or load units.

Protects all merchandise from bumps, dirt, moisture and dust during transport and storage. It is important to emphasize that its cost is not very high and with the packaging machines available in CMB, it requires no effort.

How does the CMB wrap-around rotary wrapping machine work? Efficiency and speed more than guaranteed


cool packaging machine


With this type of cool packaging machine, a large number of different products can be wrapped: large furniture, small furniture, doors, windows, textile products, blinds, pipes …

Keep in mind that with the stretch film you can stack all products and packages with a high degree of grip and reliability guaranteed. For all this, we are in front of a packaging machine and a perfect cool packaging method for any industrial sector. It allows to work continuously and with products of different dimensions, it is easy to use and does not require extensive training by its operators.

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