At CMB, we are experts in furniture packaging with automated and highly efficient machines.

At CMB we are experts in furniture packaging with specialized machines; we have spent many years dedicated to the research and development of specialized machines for this purpose, both for cold and hot work, with sustainable materials and excellent properties, such as polyethylene stretch film, bubble, or heat shrink film.

In this post, we would like to show you all the benefits, strengths and special features of our ERB packaging machine. A perfect machine for all those packaging lines where a high degree of protection and, at the same time, a good visualization of the final product is required.

It uses polyethylene shrink film which, when in contact with heat, shrinks and exerts a banding effect on the product to be packaged, insulating it from dust, water, and other external aggressions. This gives the result an unrivalled extra degree of safety and protection.

How does this special machine for furniture packaging work?

Embalaje de muebles ERB

The product is placed on the infeed conveyor table and the process can be started automatically or with a special start-up pedal.

The package to be packed then passes through the film sheets, which are welded together at their ends, and the welding head descends to weld the upper film sheet to the lower film sheet, leaving the package closed at the front and back, but open at the sides.

It is when it enters the heat shrink tunnel chamber that the film shrinks, adjusting itself to the product it wraps, becoming fully packaged and giving rise to the final result.

Furniture packaging with specialized machines: if you would like more information, just contact us

The ERB packer has been specially designed for the optimization of your furniture packaging line. It guarantees high levels of productivity and efficiency, an excellent final product display, together with an exceptional degree of protection.

If you would like to receive detailed information about furniture packaging with specialized machines, just contact us by phone at (+34) 93 636 14 16; you can also send an e-mail to [email protected]; or fill in the form you will find on this website.

Bet on CMB and your packaging plant will take a leap into the future!

Other packaging systems to work with hot

Within our section of packaging machinery designed to work with heat, we also have the COMBO series. In this case, we are dealing with a machine capable of packaging products of different sizes on the same production line, without interruptions, and with a final result of exceptional quality.

As if that were not enough, COMBO has been designed to detect the right amount of film required for each product, optimizing production to the maximum and offering a very high degree of energy efficiency.

Benefits and advantages of the COMBO packer

  • The output is very high because this is a packaging machine that does not need to stop the process to change the reels, with all the advantages that this entails.

  • Thanks to the fact that it is capable of detecting the size of the products and the amount of film required for each one of them, it allows considerable savings in consumables.

  • It is a machine conceived and designed by modules, which can be extended, completed or improved even more, once installed.