Industry 4.0 is here to stay: more productivity, more efficiency and more profitability 

cómo embalar productos industriales

Industrial automation is of vital importance for a company to remain competitive in today’s market. Betting on what is known as Industry 4.0 is essential for all those companies that want greater productivity and energy efficiency in their packaging plants.

At CMB, we have always placed emphasis on innovation and the development of new technologies and materials for this purpose. We prioritize the optimization and perfection of the industrial packaging lines of each of our clients to help them make the process as profitable as possible.

Therefore, it is important to explain with rigour and detail the advantages and strengths of industrial automation, the benefits it brings and the usefulness of applying this system through our machinery and the packaging materials with which our machines work.

How does industrial automation work in the packaging process?

Industrial automation allows a process to be carried out autonomously or semi-autonomously through the use of computerized, electro-mechanical, electro-pneumatic and electro-hydraulic systems.

For the packaging system to be effective, the machinery must play its role and its process must be safe, cost-effective, accurate, and efficient. The aim of the automation of the furniture packaging system is that it can be carried out without the need to supervise the procedure step by step, as well as the type of control or maintenance of the same being simple and easy to apply.

In this sense, CMB has a catalogue of state-of-the-art packaging equipment and systems, specially designed to optimize a furniture packaging line in a fully automated way.

The advantages of the automation process in furniture packaging 

The first thing to do is to carry out a preliminary study of the type of product to automate the packaging system, considering the main points of improvement and its advantages.

All these aspects are considered by our technicians: the weight and shape of furniture, household accessories, blinds, doors, windows… In short, any product that requires special protection.

Automated packaging is synonymous with efficiency and effectiveness 

cómo embalar productos industriales

The primary objective of automating the packaging system is to improve production efficiency. This means producing a larger quantity in a shorter period of time and at the lowest possible cost. Automated processes will enable more accurate calculations for planning, controlling and coordinating the different processes in the logistics chain.

Automated packaging also reduces the amount of human error that can occur in manual packaging, which can damage goods or lead to irregular production. By applying the same parameters of position, precision, speed and force to the packaging of the furniture, a more uniform and better quality production is achieved, and it is even possible to personalize the finishes, increasing the brand value of the company.

Another of the advantages of the automatic packaging system is the possibility of relieving the workload of the operators so that they can devote themselves to other functions within the logistics process. Automated machines can mimic the movements of a person along the packaging line. For example, placing and positioning the products on the packaging line and positioning the goods to be closed and sealed.

A clear example of automation: our COOLPACK packaging machine

CMB has the ideal machinery to exemplify the increasing importance of packaging automation for the wood and furniture industry.

To show exactly how an automated packaging machine works, we will take a look at our COOLPACK packaging machine.

It consists of an infeed table, a sealing head, an intermediate table, a slewing ring with the integral COOLPACK-TI transport system and an out feed table.

cómo embalar productos industriales

The automated packaging system is carried out in two processes. First, a bubble film bag is created in which the product to be packed is placed. Subsequently, this bag is wrapped with stretch film, leaving the product to be packed perfectly protected from the outside. The product is then placed centred on the infeed conveyor table and the packaging process starts automatically.

COOLPACK also has a packaging system that accepts packages of different formats, which makes it an efficient, flexible installation that is effortless to prepare and set up.

This automated process reduces the possibility of wastage of packaging materials. By pre-setting the parameters of power, speed, precision and position, the time and quantity of wrapping material used can be measured.

The COOLPACK system combines bubble film with stretch film to provide maximum protection thanks to the double insulation, the cushioning effect of the bubble and the holding effect of the stretch film. The combined material of bubble film and stretch film used by COOLPACK makes it possible to tie, pack and protect objects in a simple and practical way, with a result that provides security and support for all packaged products.

All this leads to cost savings thanks to increased productivity, reduced waste and the lowest possible consumption of packaging material. Reasons enough to opt for automation in a furniture packaging plant.

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