What does national and European legislation say about packaging?

Aspects related to current legislation regarding the packaging of products must be taken into account throughout the production chain, and especially during the final stages. If not, it could lead to fines, economic losses or the withdrawal of the product from the market for the manufacturer or distributor.

Let’s start with the rules and Spanish legislation. According to this, the packaging must respect European legislation for the prevention of consumer health risks and protection of the environment, with special attention to the treatment of waste and generated waste. In this sense, wood or plant material packages can be subjected to a phytosanitary control to verify that everything is correct and that they comply with the regulations.

If we focus on labeling, it is mandatory that all essential product information appear on a label in Spanish. It may also appear in other languages ​​for commercial or territorial reasons. The Customs office control is in charge of supervising that the products comply with current legislation.

International packaging standards: European legislation

normas internacionales de empaque y embalaje

Packaging marketed within the EU must meet a series of requirements in order to protect, on the one hand, the environment and, on the other, the health of consumers.

According to Directive 94/62 / EC, “packaging” is any product made from any material used for the containment, protection, handling, delivery and presentation of goods, from raw materials to finished products, from the producer to the consumer. It is also established that “non-returnable” articles used for the same purpose also constitute packaging.

Consequently, the laws by which all these products are affected are:

  • General requirements related to packaging and packaging waste

  • Specific provisions related to package size

  • Specific rules on nominal quantities for prepackaged products

  • Special rules for materials and objects intended to come into contact with food

  • In addition to these mandatory provisions, imports into the European Union (EU) of wood packaging and other plant products may be subject to the phytosanitary measures established by Directive 2000/29 / EC.

On the other hand, all packaging marketed within the borders of the European Union, including those designed for industrial, commercial and domestic purposes, must meet the essential requirements on the composition and limits of heavy metals specified in Directive 94 / 62 / CE. The objective of this legislation is to reduce the environmental impact generated by packaging waste to a minimum, with a series of specific measures to be taken into account by manufacturers.

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