embalaje para el transporte marítimo

Packaging for maritime transport: what particularities should it have?

It is important to start emphasizing that insurance for maritime transport does not usually cover damage due to a bad stowage, that is, the damage caused to products transported due to poor packaging. Starting from that base, it is important that the maritime transport packaging that you decide to use complies with a series of essential requirements so that all your merchandise arrives in good order without any setback.

The marine environment is hostile and it is convenient to prepare the cargo with the necessary measures so that it does not suffer damage. Keep in mind that in this environment you will always find a lot of humidity and salinity, and the chosen packaging must protect the products from oxidation and corrosion. On the other hand, it is very likely that your merchandise is subjected to extreme temperatures, something that you should also consider.

If you are transporting food from one part of the world to another, you must choose a type of packaging that protects them from contamination or you will lose all cargo before arriving at your destination.

Finally, it is very likely that your products must withstand sudden movements and bumps during the journey, so it is important that you choose a packaging with a high degree of protection and support. Only then, your merchandise will arrive in perfect condition.

embalaje para el transporte marítimo

CMB: see which is the best maritime transport packaging we can offer

In CMB we have a long experience in all types of materials and packaging systems for national and international exports, both by land, air or sea.

It should be noted that we are true experts in the packaging of wood products and we have the most advanced systems on the market, specially designed for the industrial packaging of all types of products, using both heat and cold systems.

embalaje para el transporte marítimo

That said, contact our commercial department for advice on the system, materials or features that your packaging for maritime transport should have. Let yourself be advised by authentic professionals of the sector!